Madcatz stick question


I purchased a round 2 fightstick, my first one and there’s this marking on the front of it and am just wondering if others that bought theirs new can attest to this being marked on theirs as well or if mine just got scratched up before boxing. See here:

This is also my first stick. I grew up in the late 90’s/early 00’s playing on the bat style sticks held between my thumb and index. For this I’m sliding it between middle and ring finger with pretty good accuracy though it still doesn’t totally feel natural. On the bats I held them more with the tips of my fingers where as this I have to slide fingers down and grip sort of around the knuckles. I think I’ll continue to warm up to it but my pinky gets jammed occasionally and resting my wrist on the bone causes fatigue only several minutes in. These were issues I never had on american sticks as my wrist stayed elevated with the way I held it. Just wondering if anyone who has good experience on both can give their opinion between the two and how I should strive to hold it. I may end up buying the bat style from madcatz separately and changing it out but I’d like to give this more of a chance before I decline something foreign to me by default.


The “mark” is normal. The stick is designed to have a headphone jack right there but some models don’t have it and that’s what they look like in that situation. As for how you hold the stick, there’s a lot of different ways to do so, but most prefer the holding it like a wineglass approach.


Get a bat top, the 2 lb spring and kowal’s oversized actuator. Or a JLW. You can adjust to playing on the Japanese sticks (maybe) or play them reasonably similarly to how you did growing up.