Madcatz stock joystick

Hello people, i was wondering is there a way to tighten the stock stick as mine feels loose im sure with experts here there will be a way to improve it, i know you will say sanwa jlf but i want to use this and get real good before i consider buying one i will mod my stick once it breaks down.:bgrin:

Get a JLF, you wont regret it. Plus it will teach you to be more precise because those sticks are like butter.

Otherwise what do you mean by tighten? If you mean the amount of resistance the stick has when you move it then switching to a JLF won’t help you. You’ll need to experiment with other japanese models of sticks but, if you don’t want to buy a JLF then I doubt you’d want to buy a bunch of different sticks just to try them out.

Loose? Sounds like a spring problem to me. Guessing you have an SE, since TEs rarely have any quality problems. I’ve seen washer and spring replacements and trades and such, but the JLF is definitely high quality, and will last for a long, long time.

That is, if you mean the stick is starting to have little resistance. Sign of the stick getting deadified.

And, yes, of course we’re gonna say get a JLF. It’s worth every penny.