MadCatZ Street Fighter IV TE Clone


in 70 %

in my work shop


That looks really good Acidrock. I see you’re making a few by the looks of it?

Are you gonna use the same background and button colours too or go for summat a bit different?

Are they gonna be dual system too?

Would be great to see more picture when they’re done.


Looking nice :slight_smile: !


Oh hell no. eBay fraud much? xD jk jk.


Wow, nice job! You selling the extra case? If you are, can you put me on the list?


I was expecting another HK bootleg but this looks very nice. Good job on the woodwork.


Wow, impresssive stuff! Great jorb!


That looks amazing…wow… I’m speechless at how close that looks to my TE. Before I clicked the pic to make it bigger, I couldn’t even tell it was wood with the paint on it.


lmao. I thought the 4th pic was an actual TE case but i looked closely and it was your craftsmanship. I bet u could resell these as a actual TE stick on ebay and they wouldnt notice the difference :P. Jk dont do that, its bad!

anyways nice work!


that is some work


I would rock this over the regular TEs. Wood is better than plastic.


that looks sick… i’ll buy one for fideeeeeee! I’m jealous of all the members with the wood shop/ stick building skills! I want to learn.


Nice? Like others have asked, are you selling?


Damn, are you gonna make it an exact clone or just using the same shape?


not exact, i see an extra button hole on the face that isnt on the TE im guessing is supposed to be the home/guide button.

looks good, when u get prices floating let me know. im making my 2nd stick and have been waiting on how i wanna do the box on it, this would do it for me


Wow! this is how Santa makes TE sticks in the Northpole!..where’s the elves? j/k I better get my Christmas letter in early this year!

Good job with the wood working skills!!!


Hot daaaaamn, look at them edges!


Looks very cool.
Super good acidrock.



Put me on the waitlist!


Great shape and if you want to sell the sticks, to make them stand out from the TEs and not make Markman upset, make them with HAPP parts so people would be ready for MAhVEL baybah :slight_smile:

I like the shape of the TE boxes and if I had money, I would be willing to gut out my Sega Saturn Twinstick, add a Cthulhu and 360 PCB, and fit them inside that case.