Madcatz Street Fighter V FightPad PRO ready for pre-order


The final iteration of the SFV game pad by madcatz is available for pre-orders now.

It used to look like this:

Now, it looks like this:

Here it is in action:

Those new Madkats fightpads



interesting d-pad. i don’t use pad but my friend does. i wonder if he’d like one of these.


yeah makes me think of a like a fatter neo geo d-pad,

i think they could’ve consolidated it even more, and took out the left shoulder buttons,
no one ever uses those


Ha, $60 for this, no thanks. With the FC4 and the brooks ps4 board being way cheaper, this isn’t going to sell like their last gen pads did.


Mad Catz thinks adding touchpads justify their price raises lately while Hori’s had it on their sticks/pads for a while.


I’m still not sold on the position of the start and select buttons. It seems like they would get in the way unless you play claw style, and there’s still not lock switch to disable them. Other than that, this looks like a pretty solid pad. Snake Eyez apparently tried it at PSX and said he liked it, so take that for what you will. As for the price, it looks like it has the same MSRP as the DualShock 4, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable.

Edit: On second thought, this might be a tough sell so long as you can grab a Hori Fighting Commander 4 from Amazon for a little over half the price.


Saying you like something is a bit different to actually doing something. Let’s see if he (and other well known pad players) uses one of these in tournaments when they’re released.


I don’t think they’re releasing this for pad hacks. This pad seems aimed at people that actually want to use the pad.


Perfect Legend also said that the PDP MKX Pad was good, we all know how that turned out.


Plus Hori released a new Fighting Commander that’s literally like $40. Not counting shipping.


I’m mildly interested in this pad. I been looking for something similar to the Neo Geo pad since PS3 version of it is impossible to get now.


I got one on pre order, will be here on the 9th, I will try and review it once it gets here.




Has anyone got to try this out? Was wondering if it feels like the Saturn pad.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this d-pad feels similar to a joystick, they tweeted a picture from the inside where you can see that it has a square gate restrictor. Unfortunatly they didnt show more, like where and how the inputs are registered. ( are there microswitches?)

Personally, i dont think i will buy one of these, they are too expensive, but am still interested to hear more information.


Gotta search for that pic. Looks nice, but I’m used to the PlayStation pad, but im really curious how it feels to play using this.


I have one pre ordered i will let u guys kno if its any gd when i get my hands on it.

As someone else said I don’t get why people r saying it’s expensive a PS4 pad was the same price when it launched


so im about to preorder one of these, but before i do id like to know what the hell the theme of the white one is. im not the most well versed in the street fighter universe and i just cant figure out what those symbols are.