Madcatz Street Fighter V Fightstick Alpha


I’ll keep this thread updated with all details of this stick as it’s released including links to mods etc once they happen

Madcatz Street Fighter V Fightstick Alpha for PS4/PS3

Release Date-

SRK Front Page article via @d3v -

Fightstick Alpha Case (New/Original Design)
=Weight (Unknown)
=Dimentions (Unknown)
=6 button Vewlix design (Prototype looks like it has a slightly larger gap between LP/LK buttons and MP/MK buttons)

Metal Panels-

=Unlikely to have any future plexi option due to case design (No where to screw in plexi and curved base front)

Bottom Padding/Feet-
=Has some type of padding (Specifics unknown)
=Does not appear to have feet in stock photo (Unknown)





USB Cable-
=Unknown if cable is removable

Finished mods from community-
=Not available at this time

I won’t make too many assumptions, but it looks like a budget stick. (EDIT- It is)
I believe we need more budget sticks on the market to get more new fighting game players familiar with using arcade sticks at a reasonable cost.

The base looks a bit thin by the photo, so I’m unsure if a JLF shaft would clear that. (EDIT- Likely will be high enough to swap joysticks, mentioned mod friendly by MarkMan on Twitter)

May not be Sanwa parts to keep costs low.

It’s cooler (6 button) instead of dick (8 button) which is BADASS (This sentence is an SRK Tech Talk inside joke. Don’t take it personally)

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Does anyone know much about the SFV Fightstick Alpha?



That’s…interesting that it has a 6 button layout.


That’s really fucking small.


Yeah…it would make more sense that it may be a budget stick.


worried that panel is plastic… thats all.


Looks Namco inspired.


That thing with the wire coming out at the bottom… is that a wireless receiver? There’s no wire on the stick itself.



Uhh either those buttons are huge or the stick is really tiny, makes the Namco PS1 stick look big.


No, that’s the bottom of the stick.


may work well as a tabletop stick. even these smaller sticks can stay pretty stable on the right surface. i’ve been using a hori ex2 on a desktop for the last few months and i’ve grown to love it.


Do these micro sticks weigh a lot? Otherwise I wouldnt see the point. Even a regular TE like I have wiggles around a bit when I’m going ham with the input motions, and those are fairly large. Tiny shit like that? I’d need a third hand to keep it in place. Either that or duct tape a bunch of fucking dumbells to it or something


Then you try to mod it, and then you wish you caught chlamydia instead.


I don’t care for budget sticks.
Especially when n00bs people request and beg how to “upgrade” the stick with “Authentic Parts”


As long as it isn’t as hard to mod as a Hori EX, it’ll be fine.


The stick looks attractive enough to be a collector’s item. Using it in actual play can be inconvenient especially when you only have your lap to place it on.


stick looks like a controller with a stick and sanwa buttons instead of a dpad + thumb buttons.


Not convinced about the top panel - it looks like it would be uncomfortable for the wrist.


Don’t knock it until you try it.