Madcatz Street Fighter V Fightstick Alpha


official prices and stuff now up

the new hori cheap entry sticks seems more attractive.
with its price and 8 instead of 6 button layout.

edit: the german price difference is a joke on the madcatz ones…


Wait are they back-peddling on this thing being moddable? From the description on the official product page found here:


The case certainly looks like it’s not meant to be opened, but I think they’re more referring to the art/plexi/bezel and sideplate options. I think moddable is still on the table.


they probably just want to differentiate this from the TE2 where modding is as easy as pushing a button to open the case and moving around a few QDs.

you can modify anything with the knowledge and the tools, these sticks will still be moddable to some degree. it just won’t be as accessible to the average buyer.


I hope so. The entire new stick lineup from Mad Catz is pretty disappointing. At this point I’m debating getting one of these and putting in new parts or gutting my 360 TE and putting a PS4 pcb inside.


You can still mod it. It still fits standard Sanwa/Seimitsu parts.

It’s meant to be an entry level arcade stick. The design idea behind it was because the current market and previous mini-arcade sticks always scaled down the parts as well (lever and buttons). It wasn’t intuitive for someone playing on standard size setups and because of this the idea for the Alpha was born. Smaller form factor, compact, easy to travel with – without sacrificing the true arcade layout.


BTW, let me know how hard it is to mod the mini-Hori stick with Sanwa parts.


Can you say if it has quick disconnects and a 5-pin or not, will we just have to wait and see? I’d buy one just as a prewired PCB so I could lift and transplant it into a case with a layout I like better. Don’t have the time, space, and tools to deal with padhacking and such right now.


Transplanting this into another stick would be pretty sweet, but I’m guessing it will be difficult to move the touchpad over to a new case?

Thanks for the reply Markman! It’s really nice to see the S+ being offered on PS4. I’ll pick one up eventually.


Does this stick have the touchpad button? I don’t care about the actual touchpad, just the button


Will this stick come with sanwa parts in it already at that price point?


You’re talking to the wrong crowd. Most people here prefer 6 buttons to 8.


Six buttons is cool, Eight buttons is dick.


6 buttons is Doge, 8 buttons is Cate


points to your signature




Really like this idea. I always have preferred smaller arcade sticks. Like a smaller Namco/Dreamcast Green Goblin stick. The stick I used for 3rd Strike was a custom wooden case Sanwa parts stick that was maybe only slightly larger than this stick. Just doesn’t seem as easy to add artwork to.

Smaller stick at decent price point will help get those on the fence about an arcade stick a way to learn without dropping a small investment and then not putting enough time in to learn how they actually work. Get a lot fo people who just knee jerk buy an arcade stick and pray that it will make them better players in a month.


now im wondering if the joystick mount will only support JLF’s?


Idk man… with SF5 needing all 6 buttons to taunt, you might want that dedicated button. Or no?

Im gonna taunt people all day, and when they try to taunt back they will mess up and activate v-skill/trigger or something.


that might be the case but at the end no matter if you use them or not its a aditional
option people can use when they want. a eight button layout doesnt hinders you to
use just 6.

more “options” = more people to attract your product too.