Madcatz Street Fighter V Fightstick Alpha


now im wondering if the joystick mount will only support JLF’s?


Idk man… with SF5 needing all 6 buttons to taunt, you might want that dedicated button. Or no?

Im gonna taunt people all day, and when they try to taunt back they will mess up and activate v-skill/trigger or something.


that might be the case but at the end no matter if you use them or not its a aditional
option people can use when they want. a eight button layout doesnt hinders you to
use just 6.

more “options” = more people to attract your product too.


Weird. has a listing for this stick, but at $130…


MarkMan said “It still fits standard Sanwa/Seimitsu parts”, so let’s hope there’s space in there for Seimitsu levers.


Looks like the Alpha fits Sanwa parts just as poorly as any other shallow depth case.
Look at the length of the shaft:/


I’m surprised Madcatz isn’t squeezing more life out their SE shell molds- that was a nice case.


Listed at $80 for pre-order price.

I have a lot of updating on the first post to do.


im actually excited about this stick, i hope this weighs more than other sticks this size. my biggest issue with the hori mini wasnt really the miniatured parts, but how light it was, doing a hadouken can end up with you lifting the whole thing.

specifically why i asked about seimitsu mounting, ls32/40 might solve the shaft height issue for some

could have meant just buttons :frowning:


On most capcom games the PS3 and Xbox 360 Taunt is on Select last I checked. Plus who taunt’s in a match?
No one needs 3X Punch or 3X Kick.

Six buttons still stands



Taunt has uses in some games. 3S being one. Plus side there is that Taunt is HP+HK so…


dude. dont even go there. the FS3 & EX2 mods ive done in the past were nightmares. the PCBs were soldered onto the buttons. and lots of dremeling & modding to get a standard JLF to fit. @MarkMan will the alpha be able to fit a full sized JLF?


A friend of mine likes these smaller case sticks and is in a need of next gen stick, but he plays on xbone… @MarkMan any chance of an xbone version?


I wish i knew how long this stick was, i’m thinking of getting this stick. Parts can always be modded out for something better.


Also, I thought it might be like a transitional peripheral from controller to stick, and might also be easier for smaller hands, i.e. younger players who may find a regular size stick too heavy & may not want to/or not have money to purchase a TE-sized stick.

gives aou a better clue about the size when you know the te´s size.


Swapping in sanwa buttons and jlf was pretty straight forward. No case modifications needed.


@Gummo , you referring to the Alpha or Markmans question about the mini hori? If the alpha, any soldering/desoldering needed or QDs?


Would it be possible to remove the parts from this case and add them to a different one? I’m looking into getting a fightstick that’s reasonably priced but the weight and size looks to be discouraging. Sorry for the total noob question.