Madcatz Street Fighter V Fightstick Alpha


@Gummo , you referring to the Alpha or Markmans question about the mini hori? If the alpha, any soldering/desoldering needed or QDs?


Would it be possible to remove the parts from this case and add them to a different one? I’m looking into getting a fightstick that’s reasonably priced but the weight and size looks to be discouraging. Sorry for the total noob question.


Why would you want to use non-Sanwa parts?


The alpha.

Buttons are 30mm with tabs to fit quick disconnects. Joystick has same size mounting plate.


Aw man. This stick is looking sweet as hell. I’m someone whose preferred stick is rtdzign’s mini stick so this stick is right up my alley. The box I got must have an LS-33 inside it but this case looks very interesting. I’ll most likey grab it and throw in a Hayabusa or an LS-40.


I highly doubt that either of those will fit.


No way is a Hayabusa going to fit. Give the joystick a chance though. As a jlf clone it’s not terrible.


This was just posted over at NeoGAF:

There is more info in that link as well.

@Gummo has answered most of these questions - just trying to keep everything in one easy click!


Madcatz uploaded two videos showing off the Alpha in action.

You can tell there is no wrist space. Kinda puts things in perspective on just how small the stick is.


I think it is a little too expensive


Going to wait a while for this one to go on sale to get it. It almost looks too small, it could also be the perfect coffee table stick though. I wonder what the weight is like.


From the looks of it, it appears to be slightly heavier than the Hori Mini Fighting stick. It also looks to be of good quality (the Hori one isn’t bad at all either)

For right now, I’m pegging this Madcatz Alpha as a “Premium” mini fight stick. Double the price of the Hori, but this nets you the potential to have Sanwa parts, as well as much closer to a full size layout.



Would it be better than the wwe brawl stick clone?


its better than the one in the brawlstick.


So a crown 303 will fit? Guessing a Myoungshin Fanta is out of the question :smiley:


The 303 requires a pretty deep case.


as a pc user i would say its way to expensive. the stick + part price will be higher then a used te1 stick
and you need the mod tools. for ps4 users on the other hand it might be a nice option…


can you quantify why?


Probability because the new Alpha’s joystick a smoother, more precise operation compared to the brawl’s joystick.

So the old Mad Catz SE stick felt awful, the movement isn’t smooth and the directions can be inaccurate. They aren’t even worth trying to mod/fix, just swap them out for better Sanwa or Seimitsu joysticks
The tolerances are off during manufacturing so two joysticks from the same assembly line can be very different, and having any of the 4 switches off by a millimeter throws off the whole joystick for precision.
With the TvC and later Brawl joysticks, Mad Catz improved and refined their manufacturing methods and made the joysticks more accurate and more consistent with each other off the assembly line.
And there always marked improvement on every generation of manufacturing.

So when Gummo tells me he thinks the Alpha’s joystick is made better than the Brawl’s Joystick (with all his modding experience) I tend to listen.


Yeah, Gummo is OP.