Madcatz streetfighter te 360 faulty button?hi there i just got te finaly,

hey guys, i just got the te yay.

but somehow i started playing with it,and the 3rd kick button is very faulty.

when i push the button it works, but then it get sunk in and i need to pop it back out, seems like the sanwa button is faulty, cuz it doesntt re pop up

i have spares of new button, but if i open it up will i void the warranty?

i dont want to wait for weeks to re fix it when i send it bak, is there a way to replace the button without voiding the battery? i heard opening the top is the safest way. please help thanks.

i fixed it, i just open the top cover, poped new button in and its spanking new D

damn madcats realy need to fix der shyt