MadCatz Support


My stick (Tournament Edition Round 2, purchased Nov. 2010) has been acting lame lately; not responding to “right” inputs or not responding at all with the character stuck “jumping.” I thought I had a 5 year warranty, but tech. support told me it was only 90 days. However, tech. support was kind enough to send me a free stick replacement to see if it fixes the issue. That deserves some props.

Moral of the story, MadCatz support kicks ass and don’t be afraid to ask for replacements. The worst they can say is “no.”


I’ve mentioned this before. Don’t hesitate to contact our tech support team. Sometimes it may be hard to get through, but be persistent. We stand behind our product and support this community and gaming in general.

If there are any questions, there are a few Mad Catz employees browsing this forum. So feel free to reach out.

Thank you for the kind post.