Madcatz TE - Any idea how I can remove a semi-rounded off hex screw?


Hi all. I wanted to go open up my TE fightstick to determine what type of Sanwa joystick I have (JLF-TP-8Y or JLF-TP-8YT). As I was trying to remove the top middle screw, it wouldn’t budge and then eventually, my screw driver (star key, I know, I should have used an allen/hex key) kept slipping in the hole itself. The screwdriver worked fine for 5 of the screws but that top middle one kept slipping. So now, I’m stuck, I can’t remove the top panel at all. I know that I can still access the joystick and buttons from the back but its a lot more hassle to get to the buttons so can anyone recommend a good method to removing this stubborn screw? Thanks.


You could lubricate it or get a hair dryer to heat up the screw. And (BUY a damn Hex Key!!! Saves you so much trouble)


sucks to hear mate, threaded screws are the worst.

You could try getting a slightly bigger allen key than the one you’re trying to unscrew and hammer/tap it into the hex hole so it wedges itself in. Hopefully you’ll be able to gain enough friction to unscrew it. Note don’t expect to the use the allen key again & please be careful hammering anything into a TE stick lol.

Those TE screws are pretty tiny, so dunno if there are screw extractor bits that suit something that small.

Last case scenario either leave it or drill that mofo out (and possibly damage the TE in the process)


Also make sure you use metric Hex keys, english sizes also strip the hole.

If you have a dremel you can carefully cut a slot into it for a flathead.



You could carefully do it by hand by using a hacksaw blade, but not a patch on a rotary tool.


You probably already know this now but never over-tighten those screws when you put them back in. Get them firm and that’s it. That’s pretty much universal law for any piece of electronics as deal with stripped screws can be pretty rough.


You can hammer in a slightly larger allen to hope it locks in place, remove it, and replace the screw. The old damaged bolt you can just hammer off and trash it.

You can also get a small chisel and a hammer, and just cut a notch on the inside of the hex hole side, in a counter-clockwise rotation, and just hammer it off that way. It also destroys the screw, but you have to be very careful not to slip and damage the box itself.

Imo, these are the best suggestions, since they’ll apply a strong amount of torque on the hex. As previously suggested, a dremel can be used to cut a small notch into it in order to use a flathead, but it might not be enough to bust loose the nut.

Just remember, when you go to tighten the fasteners back in, don’t over-do it. It doesn’t take much torque to lock those bolts in place, so just tighten it until it starts to heavily resist, and then stop. No need to tighten the thing like a wheel lug nut on a car.


Thanks for the suggestions guys. I got it out in the end. Took me a bit of time to figure out but I just got it out by luck. I got a hacksaw and kept hacking away until I got a flat groove to fit in a flat head screwdriver. Didn’t work, screw driver was too thick and I couldn’t think of any way to widen the groove. Then, I drilled the back of the screw from the back but it wasn’t doing much except for creating a minor dent in the screw so I thought I’d try from the top side. I used a 4mm metal drill bit and kept drilling for a while which got the hole smaller and smaller. Initially, my plan was to destroy the screw from the nut underneath but I found that after a while of drilling down, I managed to get my flat head screw driver in the gap I made and was able to turn the screw out. It would seem that the drilling helped loosen the screw out so its all ok now :).

OT: I must be terrible with screws or something! The threads of the hole for the screws securing the joystick have seem to worn away a bit. I got the idea of attaching a nut at the back of each screw hole, using a super strong metal adhesive called epoxy and then screwing those screws into the nuts that are aligned at each hole. Would this be a good alternative to fixing this issue? What I did think of that might be an issue doing this is that because of the nuts, it would make the stick lower down once the 4 screws of the joystick are screwed in so would this be an issue or it doesn’t really matter if its a little bit lower?