Madcatz TE - Anyone know where I can replace the metal top panel?


Hi all. In checking what joystick was in my TE Fightstick, I think I may have damaged the threads of the of the panel where you secure the joystick metal panel because on a couple of the screws, it won’t screw down until it feels tight, they feel sort of loose. I know Art’s hobbies can provide a replacement clear panel for the metal panel but I was hoping for an exact replica of the metal panel already there so would anyone know where I could get a replacement metal top panel? Or would you have a better suggestion for fixing the threads of the screw holes? Thanks.


are you referring to the screws that holds the top panel to the main unit or the screws that old the joystick to the underside of the top panel?


The screws that hold the joystick to the underside of the top panel.


usually the screw will strip try picking up some 4mm screws at lowes There are a hell of lot more cost effective ways to fix this problem besides replacing a panel. If the threads on the hole are striped try a larger screw is the joystick even loose? if not I would not worry about it the Jlf is stable with 2 screw holding it in on diagonal from each other.