MadCatz TE Arcade Stick relative playability


Hey guys,

New to the forums, so nice to meet you all. Anyways I used to play Street Fighter on the SNES and I used to own the American version of the game, which was the shit at that time since I live in Europe ;).

Anyhow I got back on Street Fighter now because of SF IV on the xbox 360 and I’m planning on investing quite some time in this game. Myself, Im a pad user since I started playing games, never went to the arcades except for some shooters. However now I saw the different products of MadCatz, and I would like to minimize the discussion to the Fightpad and the TE stick.

I’m wondering how much these two products actually bring to the playability of the game. There have been many discussions about the seperate parts, but most of the topics strand in endless talks about the quality and the waiting time. Now I would like to start a discussion about what they actually bring to the table.

For me it’s unsterstandable that the Fightpad is more appropriate for users who are used to a pad. Since the pad is also 100 dollars/euros cheaper one could easily conclude that the fightpad is the better option. However many also recommend the arcade stick over fightpad, disregarding the price difference.

I would like to hear from you guys whether you played on both the Fightpad as the TE stick and what you would say they bring to the actual playability.

Just an example one could say the Fightpad adds another 100% to the playability whereas the stick might bring 150%.

Please share your opinions and experiences!


I would definitely not let any of my relatives play on my TE if I had one (stick that is not relatives).


^^^ That was an awful attempt at humor, and not in a good way.

For the topic…get the pad for now. Then wait for the hype to die down before you decide how much you want to invest in this game.

After that you can get yourself a cheap stick (something like the EX2 or an SE once they’re available).

No use in spending $250 on a TE stick right now when you really don’t know how serious you want to get playing the game.

If you’ve never played on a stick before, it’s not going to improve much right now. All of the buttons will be on the face, and you won’t have to deal with the 360 pad, but then again, the pad will solve those problems won’t it?

If three or so months from now you’re still addicted to this game you may feel like you want to take the leap forward.

But what’s likely going to happen if you jump on a stick via impulse right now is you’ll find you don’t like it (because you’ve never gotten used to one), or you’ll get sick of the game and move on to something else. That’s not to question your determination, but that’s the way it goes.


Also… if by chance you’re filthy rich and money doesn’t matter, then all of this is irrelevant. The proper course of action would be to get yourself a couple of TEs off ebay, and then send one to me.


Sorry for the lame joke. The first thing that popped in my mind after reading the thread title.

My experience with an arcade stick and Street Fighter IV has been extremely pleasant despite not having played any game in the series before, nor having spent any amount of money and time at the arcades in the past either. When trying to play most other kinds of games on the PS3 default DS3 pad, I am never thinking about the controller, but as soon as I pick up a fighting game requiring rapid and continuous input, I realize my fingers stated hurting right away. Then I found a display of an SE stick at the local Frys, and the moment I started playing, I realized this is how the game is played the best. Even after playing it on the stock SE stick for a relatively short time, I cannot imagine going back to the old way.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money at first, buy a cheap stick (FS3, EX2, or SE at retail). They are going to cost a little more than a pad, but not much more. If you don’t like it after a while, you can always sell them on eBay and get almost the full price back. With a pad, you know what your getting into, and the improvement over the default controller is not all that drastic IMHO. With a stick however, it is a real big difference. You might even get worse at first as you unlearn the pad, but I think it’s worth taking the plunge, One would think of playing Guitar Hero with a pad, why should Street Fighter IV be any different?


In my opinion this comes down to how close to the arcade experience you want. I grew up playing sf2 at the local 7-11 on an arcade machine. So i pre-ordered that TE stick back in November and I haven’t regretted it for a second.

As a frame of reference i hadn’t played more than a game or 2 on an arcade stick since those days of old, and now after using the TE for over a month im doing quite well.

With second shipments rumored to be shipping to stores any day now, if you’ve got the money id say hunt down a TE.


The irony in this of course is that if you grew up in the U.S.A, there’s not a single part on those old arcade machines that’s anything like what you’ve got on your TE.

So really it just comes down to you wanted to invest the time in learning to play on a stick, and you did it.


Lucky Day has a good point. For the most part, SFII here in the U.S. was played on those bat top joystick machines that were/still are prevalent to this day. I swore by those things until someone lent me their custom Stick and I experienced a Sanwa for the first time. I changed my mind pretty quickly.

I’ve played using my friend’s PS3 SE stick before he returned it. (He’s a pad guy.) The SE, when it works is not bad at all for the price, especially considering how easily you can mod it into something better. I personally would recommend a TE, but I haven’t been able to find a TE stick here anywhere in my immediate area.

As far as playability is concerned, I am much more of a threat using my 3 fingers (index, middle, and ring) as opposed to just my thumb with a pad. I also have fairly big hands, so claw style is not an option for me.


get a stick u will not regret it at all… but the only thing u might regret is the price ur gonna pay if ur impatient like me :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input guys, good ideas so far!

I can really relate to what LuckyDay is saying here, the pad seems the better option. I’m not counting on becoming a pro or anything, I’ve done that on other games and that was enough for me. Nonetheless I do enjoy the competition, that’s why I like to have the right “equipment”.

However I do am afraid that I will become limited quite quickly by using a pad, and that’s another 50 euros down the drain. Also the SE stick is not a good option, since there are too many flaws and customizing it is not really preferrable, since in Europe we get 2 years of warranty whereas USA just has 90 days!! (what’s up with this??). And overall I do enjoy my warranty possibilities.

I’ve experimented a bit with it by using the 360 controller analog stick as a arcade stick and it felt quite intuitive…

I’m wondering though, everybody is waiting for the stick now. What if I order the stick and don’t like it. Do you really think there will be still demand on it on websites like ebay, even after this new batch? I personally doubt it…


The SE at $70/$80 for just the shell and the PCB should remain a in demand for a long time to come. A plain box with no art and a PCB runs for $60 around here, so getting an SE with the attractive artwork, and gutting it of all buttons and the joystick will remain an attractive option for a long time to come unless the main PCBs start getting reports of mass failure, but then the TEs will be suffering too. I suspect if you by an SE, you can sell it again for close to retail again after being used. If you like the SE stock parts, then that is your best option because even MadCatz can figure out how fix their parts over coming two years. They are already getting a lot of practice in these 90 days.