Madcatz TE + backwards compatibility

i popped in my street fighter anthology(ps2) into my ps3 and tried to play it with the TE but doesnt seem to wanna work… is it the stick or playing ps2 games on the ps3 not compatible with it?

Sony need to make a firmware update for BC on the PS3 … i hope they will release one and i hope it wont take so long.

but at the moment the PS3 TE wont work with BC PS2 games on a PS3

thx for the info :slight_smile:

I was pretty upset myself when I tried to pop in Capcom vs SNK 2…Sure enough this was in the TE FAQ thread after I tried to use it for BC.:lame: I even emailed sony about getting a firmware release for it and they gave me some BS answer basically saying “I don’t know what controller you are talking about and I’m not allowed to talk about development projects blah blah blah.”

What?? Wow… thats really gay.

Hey I e-mailed them too and this is what i got.

Discussion Thread

Customer (Hector S.) 03/16/2009 01:58 PM
Hey there I was just wondering if you guys are working on a patch or update for the Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 SE and TE fight sticks to be backward compatible with PS1/PS2 games. Alot of people have been wondering if this is going to be possible. I know you guys did one for the HORI fighting sticks cause that is what most people use now(Me too.), But they have been wanting to use there Mad Catz sticks (So do I). Hope you guys can make this possoble cause it will make alot of people happy. Thank You.

Response (Marcelo V.) 03/17/2009 01:26 PM
Hello Hector,

Thank you for writing us about updating the Mad Katz Street Fighter 4 fighting pad.

We have no information if this is going to happen at the moment.You may want to contact Mad Katz:(800) 659-2287

Marcelo V.

I contacted Mad Katz right after I got this and still no answer. The Mad Katz SE/TE sticks are backwards compatible with PS1 game cause I use my stick to play Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Rival Schools and the stick has no lag what so ever. It’s kinda weird it works with PS3 and PS1 games but not PS2.:confused:

Yeah, I just got the Sam Sho antho for ps2 and want to play w/ my te on ps3, it won’t work. I’m a little ticked.

Can I use the TE on a ps2???

said the same thing

i just post sumthing bout this too lol… sony has only released a patch for hori and sega arcade sticks to work with ps2 games… i was so pissed i had to buy a hori stick to play my ps2 games like mvc2 n sf3. now my madcatz SE and TE sticks sit in there boxes under my bed. they should have really been up on things but yet they manage to drop the ball again!!

Contacting MadCatz about this problem won’t help at all. Since it’s a problem with the Playstation 3 Firmware to support backwards compatible hardware, which means it’s a problem only Sony themselves can fix since it’s related with the PS3 hardware itself and nothing at the fault of MadCatz, There was a point in time when even the HORI sticks did not work and required an update as well from Sony for the PS3 firmware, the same applies in this case for the MadCatz SE and TE sticks.

It’s not like MadCatz can do anything about this either because they only created the stick, this has little bearing on Sony’s firmware or the PS3 console itself because that is not something they cover and something Sony must do themselves.

It’s an unfortunate situation really, but the reality of it all is that you are just going to have to wait until Sony decides to get off it’s ass and actually release a patch or firmware that allows the usage of the SE and TE sticks to be functional for backwards compatibility on PS2 games.

i guess just plug it into the pc and go at it like that

I gotta call horseshit on this; this is MadCatz fault. They most certainly could have made the stick compatible with PS2 games. Yes, Sony could release a new firmware to work around the fact dropped the ball, but the blame for it not working doesn’t fall on Sony.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Hopefully Sony will make the patch to make us fans happy. as for Mad Catz they alway find a way to fuck things up. $70 for the SE stick with shitty parts but was easily moddable after about another $50, Okay I can Live with that. $150 for TE stick with all SANWA DENSHI parts, amazing but guess what you can’t play your beloved PS2 games like MVC2 or CVSNK2 with either stick. That’s bullshit. well at least it works with my PS1 games Rival Schools and Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Yep I feel cheated by this, considering the price of the TE stick id expect better.

I’d jump all over re-doing the internals on the ps3 TE’s with a Cthulhu if i was really intent on using for ps2 games. Or see if you can trade it for a 360 and do a dual mod, best of both worlds.

Sony would not allow us to use their VID/PID… which essentially would allow us to use it on PS2 games. As much as I wanted to make it PS2 compatible, doing so would get us in trouble with Sony (which is something we can’t afford to do at this time).

I emailed sony to ask like the day I got my SE stick.

The reply I got linked me to the list of USB controllers currently backwards compatible, which is only like 5 controllers.

It looks like the only way to get this problem fixed is if we all email Sony’s customer support (or call them) and demand/request that they update the system to support the madcatz as a backwards compatible USB controller.
Make sure you be as specific as possible, if you’re vague at all, they’ll give you one of the vague “answers” they give.
(the ones that sort of in a way answer your question, but not in the way you want)

So has Mad Catz and Sony come to an agreement, Is there even an Update in the works. If I could even get a hint that this is going to happen I will be alright but not knowing is pissing me off. If this isn’t going to happen I wanna know so I could rip that stupid Mad Catz PCB and just dual mod it and make it wireless.

P.S/ Death Or Glory could you post the link.

My question would be why is it that Sony doesn’t allow MadCatz to use the VID/PID? Is it because controller manufacturers have to pay Sony a licensing fee to use it and Madcatz decided not to pay for it or because Sony had their own reasons to restrict MadCatz of its use?

The reason I ask is because it would be easier to ask for a fix if we knew for sure which company of the two to get in contact with.

In the past couple of months I’ve seen many people including myself who feel let down because of this issue and if whichever company with the ability to make this happen knew of all the people out there who want it maybe they would get into it a little sooner.

Just do what I’m doing an go wireless with a sixaxisadapter.
Problem solved.:lovin:

god i wanna do that so bad but i hate waiting… :arazz: