Madcatz te comic-con exclusive

hey guys i have a madcatz te comic-con exclusive stick for sale $500.00 if your interested PM me, or hit me up on aim @ Blakcelvis

you have to be kidding me. You’re going to come on here and try to rape the community by charging 500 bucks. Especially when you’re a fucking 09 n00b who can’t sell. Fuck off asshole!

Haha, good luck mate.:nono:

LOL! I’ll give you $90 for it.

Forgot to mention…you’ll have this thread closed down fast because you haven’t been a member for at least 6 months and are trying to sell something.

TEs are good, but they arent 500 dollars good. Well, maybe to stupid people they are worth 500 dollars. Thats probably why you’re trying to sell it for that much. You’re stupid.