MadCatz TE FightStick - 6 Top Plate Hex Nuts

Does anyone know the exact size of these and where I could find replacements? I still have 6 of the Hex Screws that go on top, but one of the nuts below the top plate fell off and got lost somewhere thanks to MadCatz awesome red glue gunk.

Also, does anyone know the best way to stick them back in there without it falling off again?(really strong krazy glue?)


Why do we see a thread asking this question every week? Is the search function broken somehow?

What I did was hot glue the nuts the screws are connected onto the stick itself. The only way to do this is to take off the bottom (and maybe void your warranty), then take off the “middle” part off thats connect to the white sides of the TE stick.

I’m in the process of modding my stick, i’m Just waiting on plexi and art, from Art. lol

My top right screw is finished,totally stripped after one time opening the case,The hole was also too big. I tried one of the new screws I bought but no luck. I found a hardware store that sells the glue so no big deal there.

I think madcatz made one of the hole bigger then the rest for some reason, I guess that’s what all that red glue was for.

The best thing to do is take one of your Madcatz screw to a hardware store and ask them if they have anything like that.
I found mines at a Canadian Tire, That’s if they have one where you live.

This is the kind of screws i’m using right now, personally I like them better b/c I don’t need tools to open the case I can just unscrew with my hand. …Good luck dude!!!

Isn’t Loctite standard for most screw applications like this? Pretty much keeps the screws from ever loosening. Sure it’s an annoyance when modding, but it’s good for keeping those screws in place so that they don’t loosen over time.

I like the look of those thicker headed hexs.

seems that way, yea.