MadCatz TE Fightstick Round 2 Lockswitch++ Mod "Glitch?"


I’ve recently tried this mod following ShinJN’s guide (with the exception that I soldered the piggy-back between Guide/Home ground and Start+Back/Select buttons), previously installed on my stick was the ChimpSMD from Toodles.

Now, I’ve noticed a strange quirk in that connecting the stick in ChimpSMD/PS3 mode to PC or PS3 and simultaneously pressing Start and Back\Select (With lock switch set to “open” and prior to pressing Guide/Home button after connecting) the Guide/Home button is engaged, as if it were being pressed, together with Start and Back/Select buttons.

This persists even after dis/re/engaging the LockSwitch (which successfully un/locks Start and Back/Select buttons as well as control panel) and only ceases after the Guide/Home button has been pressed for the first time after boot of ChimpSMD board.

This issue does not occur at all in Xbox 360 mode on PC or Xbox 360, nor when either Start or Back/Select buttons are engaged independently.

Given that the Dual Mod has been running perfectly for 2 years, the LockSwitch++ Mod has also been working flawlessly -barring quirk- so far and this only presents itself in Chimp PC/PS3 mode, I’m inclined to exclude a short circuit\bad connection as the culprit. Can anyone reproduce\verify\refute this?

Now while this isn’t really a ‘big’ problem, in that I can avoid pressing Start and Back/Select simultaneously or just press the Home button on boot, but I’m just concerned that this may damage the stick and/or ChimpSMD board.

Should this be something that I should be worried about?


Start+Select=Guide is built into the ChimpSMD; it’s intentional and not a bug, and you already found out how to disable it for that session. If it bothers you, you can grab a new ChimpSMD firmware from the file linked in the first post of the Cthulhu/Chimp thread so it never happens again.

How did you get a Dual Mod for your TE two years ago?
The ChImp SMD was released September 2010.

I been reading your Post over and over, trying to find out what the problem you are saying is.
I do know what is not a problem is though, and that is pressing Select + Start = Guide.
That is normal behavior for all ChImp SMD.
Toodles programmed that way.

Select + Start = Home will keep being so until an independent Home button is pressed.

Is your issue something else?

Toodles also have some other Firmware you can flash to the ChImp SMD.
If you do not like Select + Start = Home, there is a Firmware to stop that.

Thank you very much Toodles and jdm714, this was really driving me insane, I’d de/re-soldered the joint twice, lol. As long as it’s not a bug, then it doesn’t bother me, was just really bleak as I’d never noticed it before.

Sorry jdm714, given that we’re in 2012 already, I may have exaggerated a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys!

It took you very long time to actually press Select + Start though.
A lot of people just press that combination for no reason; bored.
And then they come Tech Talk and ask same thing you did.