MadCatz TE Joystick Not Responding


So I bought a 360 MLG TE Stick roughly 7 days ago for the 360. I haven’t experienced any problems with it sense then until now.

I was playing ranked AE and randomly the joystick stopped responding. I read through the whole TE Stick FAQ on here, and I can’t really find a solution other than opening it up.

The joystick will not work at all, I’ve been sitting at the dashboard switching it between, LS, DP, RS, for over 20 minutes, and strangely shortly after switching it sometimes, when I move the stick, it will work once, as in, it will move to the next selection on the dashboard, but just once, and then it will continue not working.

I bought this from the Microsoft store, I’m not sure if I can return it and get an exact exchange since I’ve used it already, but I will probably check in with them before I decide to open it and see if I can figure out whats wrong.

But in the mean time, any suggestions? Am I switching between the stick (modes) in the right way?


DP is the proper setting, but setting it to something else isn’t going to cause the problems you’re experiencing. You’re not going to solve it without having to open up the case and figure out the issue. However, since your stick should still be under warranty, and it’s evident that you didn’t mishandle it or attempt to diagnose the case yourself, you should be in the clear for returning the product back and getting another one. That would be step 1.


May want to check the USB port real quick just in case.

Edit: sorry my wife literally started to give birth after like 13 hrs of labor as I typed this.

To elaborate, make sure you check the simple things real quick just to be sure before you start moving on to other solutions. Just basic fault isolation can save time later. Good luck!

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