Madcatz TE joystick not so good?

I watched this video DSP made about the TE stick, and he said the actual joystick part is “no where near as good as the hori sticks”. But he sounded pretty biased through the whole video that he didn’t like it. He complained about everything, the box art, the little certificate you get, the 20th anniversary symbol thing on the box. The only things he said he liked where the buttons on the top of the stick, and the button placement of start and select.

So I was wondering if his comment on the TE joystick being bad is actually true, or if it’s still a high quality part that he just happened to not like. The way he explained it, it sounded like he thought it was total trash.

I’m asking because I’m gonna buy one with the refund I get from that Electric Trouble thing (IF I ever get it…) and mod it up with the extra cash. So I wanna be sure I don’t need to buy a new stick.

wheres the video

Mistake #1



I was under the impression that both the TE and Hori used JLFs in their sticks so wouldn’t it be the same joystick?

And I like Watching DSPs videos. They’re usually at least entertaining, and he’s a lot better at SF then I am (most everyone who is serious about SF is better then I am) and I do want his opinion on things like this. But To me he sounds extremely biased about everything when it comes to this stick and it not really the truth in the quality of the parts or the stick itself.

DSP’s video is just stupid. He’s a spoiled kid that has too much money to spend.

The TE is pretty much the best stick you can get out of the box. The HRAP doesn’t have Sanwa buttons out of the box. DSP said the buttons felt different… ofcourse they did cause the HRAP’s buttons are shitty Hori buttons, the guy doesn’t even know what he’s talking about lol.

The TE also has a cable compartment :slight_smile:

Yeah, that video is full of shit and any difference he feels is either all in his head or due to the sticks on his Horis being broken in more or something.

He manages to prove in this video that he’s a complete moron. He appears to have bought this stick to talk shit about it on youtube, and then proceeds to look like an ass by saying a bunch of shit that’s completely untrue. Who does know that the TE is all Sanwa that this point?

“It’s pretty close to arcade controls”


The best thing about the TE is the artwork…


hahhahahahha (for those that don’t have a clue what i’m talking about, watch the video) :slight_smile: :smiley:

He’s just a Hori fanboy - he did mention he also owns two HRAP3’s and a HRAP EX

he’s not a moron, all of you guys just got trolled =D

if he has to use shortcuts to play sf4, hes playing it wrong, what a troll

hilarious goober

What does he mean by short cuts?

There are input shortcuts in SF4 that make it easier to do special moves like shoryuken. I would believe that is what he means.