Madcatz TE maintenance


Hi i’ve been using a Madcatz TE for about 5 months now. Today when i was playing online one of my buttons suddenly became soft and mushy. It still works and all but the button doesn’t seem to ‘pop’ back out after the button press and consequently has me wondering if the input actually went in.

First of all does this mean the button needs to be replaced? Also if needed to could i just pluck the button out from one of the unused buttons and plug it into the button that i need?

Any help that you guys can give me would be great


Most likely the button is grimy from use. You can open it up the top panel and disconnect the quick disconnects from the sticking button. There are tabs that hold in the plunger/button from the button housing. Pop them out with a flat head screw driver and wipe the sides and walls of the button to clean it. If all that does not make sense, then yes, you can replace the button with the ones on the right.