Madcatz TE MVC xbox 360 Joystick Help

Hi, I recently got a pre owned fighting stick, I plug in my PC and i started playing KOF 2002 and KOF13 but i intermediately noted that i could not do uppercut move in the left side, the right side work smooth. So i decided to order a new Joystick PBC Assembly. After replaced and i made sure all connector were int the right position i plug it back in but problem was still there. So then i decided to play SSF4 and it work it! tried back with KOF steam version and no luck. DOes anyone knows what causing the problem, is it a driver problem or is my PC or the fighting stick. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
windows 10 64x
nvidia GTX 260
Intel Chipset
usb 2.0.

what does this mean?

Go to training mode and turn on input display, see if your diagonals are working properly.

It means ask in the appropriate thread instead of making a new one.

Thank for replay, I just went into training mode and it shows diagonals working perfect, im really confused.

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Sounds like it might be an execution problem. How does the actuator look? If it’s really worn, try replacing it- very cheap part.

Yes i saw the actuator and it definitely look worn but, i saw no cracks or dents, but seem very worn. Do you think a brand new will make a diference? or does a minor worn damage can make a huge difference in gameplay?

Wear on it can make inputs require more travel and/or force. It’s worth trying. Beyond that, if you’ve already swapped the pcb assembly and confirmed that diagonals are working, it would be an execution problem. It’s normal to have certain motions require more practice in one direction than the other.

Do the diagonals activate a few mm BEFORE you reach the corner?
If you can do the move perfectly facing one way and not the other way, then it’s probably the gate causing the problem.

Is that a JLF clone joystick or what? I don’t know.
If that’s a JLF try a Kowal actuator and an octagonal gate to go with it.

It seems to work fine when i put the inputs in training mode, the right side work perfectly but right side i cannot do a uppercut and i have hard time trowing a fireball. I replaced the gate and the pcb Assembly aswell.I just place and order for a new actuator hopefully it will solve the problem.

Hi im back, just installed new actuator and, no luck :(. Im really confused stick works perfect SSF4 uppercut work fine in both sides. But KOF XIII work on right side only, but left side i cant do uppercut move. Im starting to think is a software problem of some sort. Can anyone share a bit of light in this topic? thanks

Uppercuts on street fighter 4 are simplified compared to the older games.
In SSF4/USF4, you uppercut by (neutral), down forward, down, down forward, so as long as you start directly at down forward and go down, then back to downforward really quickly, the DP comes out.

In older street fighter 2 games, the exact motion was Forward, Down, Down forward. USF4 is a lot more forgiving.
testing a misaligned microswitch or actuator in Ultra street fighter 4 is futile because of the DP shortcut. SF2 WW and CE were the hardest and most strict. Hyper fighting and Super SF2->Alpha->3 made DP’s a bit easier to do.

If you want to, you can still find the Callus emulator somewhere, with “Street fighter 2 turbo” (Hyper fighting). You’ll probably have to search a bit but it’s still available. The roms are also (Don’t use the MAME romset; the callus romsets are based on older dumps).

You’ll have to run it in 16 bit windows desktop mode, but callus is the only emulator that runs HF at full speed. If your controller works on the PC AND has a “mode” switch or analog joystick option switch to switch from Dpad (hat switch) to simulated analog mode, Callus will work directly. If you don’t, you can use joytokey and map it to keyboard. I suggest you test hyperfighting uppercuts on the Callus emulator.

If theres no “native” PC mode and no PS3 ->PC mode and It only emulates a real xbox 360 controller but not a “custom” controller like madcatz does to make the trigger buttons fuction as “Buttons”, you’ll have to map RT as a key in Joytokey again or map the directions if left analog stick isn’t available to select.

In your KOF game, the motion is probably based on old street fighter.

By the way, SF2 champion edition is even STRICTER with doing uppercuts than Hyperfighting. While the motion is the same in HF, it’s more forgiving than in WW/CE. I verified this testing Hyper SF2 anniversary edition.