Madcatz TE not detecting stick - 360

Hey guys!

So, here’s my issue… the actual stick on my new fightstick isn’t working! The other buttons all work fine (A,B,X,Y,RT,RB, Start, Back, Guide).

I’ve changed the control selector but the LS doesn’t work at all. The dpad selection allows it to detect the down and left-down diagonal, but that’s it. I’ve also connected it to my PC to see what exactly it’s detecting and it also showed nothing for the LS and only showed down/left-down diagonal.

Since I bought it from a friend (and it was working before it got over here… there were no major drops or anything in between), I opened it up to check it out. The JS wire was disconnected, so I reconnected it, so that’s not the problem.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Flip the harness that connects into your joystick. It just sounds like it was “upside down”.

Always use DP, always.

What you thought is not the problem, actually is the problem.
You plugged in the Joystick Connector upside-down.

Yeah, you’re right… I feel like a noob now. :confused:

Thanks for the advice!! :smiley: