Madcatz te or Real Arcade Pro VX SA?

So before you ask, yes I am new to the fighting community. All day I have been looking for a madcatz te stick and honestly it is probably because it is the only stick I know due to crosscountertv. So another person on peaceful jay’s stream mentioned another popular brand of sticks from Hori. So I read review after comparison after comparison. One person like hori more and the other person liked madcatz more. So I am asking you guys for some real help right now. The only thing you need to know is that I have thick fingers and a bigger than normal wrist. Also which stick has less delay. And one more thing, why is it so hard to find a madcatz te stick but so easy to find a hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA? That kinda worries me. Please guys I really need some unbias advice. =(

The parts, layouts, response, button distance, everything is exactly the same. The only difference is the case. And that Hori has a start button on top that you can accidently press mid match.

Also, this doesn’t go in GD

The Start Button is to the right of the 7th and 8th buttons on the VXSA, how do you ever press it on accident?

But Tech Talk is where you wanna go with this OP, welcome to SRK

FGD or Tech Talk?

I was about to ask the OP if he was new to the fighting community.

Nice av, Radiant!

all the top range sticks feel the same to me. personally i wouldn’t buy another madcatz fightstick te…just make sure you get a duel mod stick with felt