Madcatz te or Real Arcade Pro VX SA?

So before you ask, yes I am new to the fighting community. All day I have been looking for a madcatz te stick and honestly it is probably because it is the only stick I know due to crosscountertv. So another person on peaceful jay’s stream mentioned another popular brand of sticks from Hori. So I read review after comparison after comparison. One person like hori more and the other person liked madcatz more. So I am asking you guys for some real help right now. The only thing you need to know is that I have thick fingers and a bigger than normal wrist. Also which stick has less delay. And one more thing, why is it so hard to find a madcatz te stick but so easy to find a hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA? That kinda worries me. Please guys I really need some unbias advice. =(

madcatz sticks came out in generations sorta kinda. TE, TE-RD2, TE-S, etcetc
they’re working on their new line.

HORI has been around and doing this for much longer.
personally i prefer hori, due to most of my 360TE’s, as well as customers’ having PCB issues.

for people with bigger hands, they’re usually recommended the madcatz.
however, i’ve had larger friends play on my v3sa with no qualms at all. even about the start button.

they both use the same arcade parts (joystick and buttons). so its honestly whichever’s more affordable, cheaper, has the better sale at the time.

The vx sa and the te both use sanwa parts, so i’d get whichever one is cheaper (vx sa $120 @ amazon).

You may also want to look into qanba who are making great sticks that have ps3/360 support out of box

I’ll tell you now that both companies make a great product. Madcatz has had a bad rep for a long time due to subpar products, but their arcade stick line is a great group of products. I own one and I couldn’t be happier(actually, I could own a premium VLX, but that’s aside the point). They’re reliable and I don’t have any issues with it. Sure, I’d like to dual mod it and possibly swap the artwork, but it is functional, and that is all that really matters at the moment.

Hori has been making sticks for a long time. We’re talking the early days, I even recall seeing a SNES stick from hori. Hori is known for making some legendary sticks, such as the Namco PS1 stick.Because of their long history, they have a reputation as the best aftermarket product manufacturer.

Both companies make good products and I’ve used both, I have no real preference towards one or the other(however, I do own a TE-S, but I do not own a Hori). As long as you have Sanwa/Seimitsu parts you’ll have a good stick. Both of these sticks come stock with Sanwa parts, so you’ll be fine.

Honestly, I’d just pick the one that looks the best and go from there. I would have bought either one, and I just decided which one I got a better deal on first would be the one I purchase, and that ended up being a TE.

Both are great arcade sticks use same quality parts one is cheaper in price go with the cheaper version and add your own custom art to it or commission a member at The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!