Madcatz TE PCB issue (Directionals not working)


I was finally getting around to wiring up my leds. To test, I hooked up VCC, GND, one button and the joystick with LED. I soldered my directionals to the FGwidget, jab_in and all that according to one of the guides here. I plugged it into my laptop. The ball lit up. No directionals working and no led on the jab buttion. I decided to take everything apart including removing the fgwidget. Now I only had the jab button and the stick connected. Whenever I clicked that button or moved the stick windows would tell me I was pressing left and holding it.

Thinking I had some solder somewhere I looked closer at the underside of the Madcatz pcb. They had from factory some solder along the side of the board and I noticed the 2 joystick directionals had factory solder touching. I removed some and now jab was working. The problem is I can only press down on the stick now. It doesnt register anything else. Including a pic, not sure what else I can do.


You connected the Joystick upside-down?


Congratulations - you have one of the worst PCB’s that MadCatz has ever publicly released, the 360 TE Rev A.

On topic: is the joystick cable plug the correct way round on the joystick? Is your stick set to ‘DP’ and ‘unlock’?


Yeah, I checked all that. I actually have a spare JLF and tested it with that and still that same thing. Are they that bad, they just go like that?


Nope. Wouldnt matter anyway, only one direction is working

I found a picture of it on the web, what a friggin mess this thing is. I don’t even know how it ever worked. Mine looked just like that, I wonder it there is a way to fix it.


On a working PCB, it does matter.
Because upside-down would cause for only Down to register.

If your Joysticks only does Down with the connector both ways, then TE PCB is messed up.


Dude… connecting the cable upside down is one of the greatest matters ever.

Do you see?


Im saying I connected the thing every which way I could.

Edit, God Damn it, now its working. I swear to you I turned it upside down and flipped and all that before I posted. Oh well. At least its working.