Madcatz TE RD2 turbo panel


So i think my TE Rd2’s (xbox360) turbo panel has gone bad. The light around the home button still work to indicate what player it is, and the slide switches still do what they are supposed to do, but the turbo button and home button dont seem to work anymore. Any ideas what the problem might be? Is there something i should be looking for on the pcb inside the box and failing that could i swap one from a SE stick into the TE stick? I kinda like having a home button… but the SE has been relegated to be a backup/PC controller so that on doesnt need a home button as much. Alternatively is there someone who sells/or is willing to sell a replacement?


Swapping a SE with a TE guide PCB will not work., Well it can work but you have to mod alot of plastic for it to fit.

More likely under your guide area, the rubber domes for the turbo and home buttons are ether worn out or dirty.
if the domes are Dirty, you can the rubber domes with rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs.

If the domes are worn out, and only try this if cleaning do not work by transplanting dome rubber pieces from another guide area PCB.


Well to update. I pulled the box apart and cleaned the contacts to no avail, the home button dome is a bit beaten up because it was rubbing on one of the LEDs but nothing too alarming there. I also tried manually shorting the contacts with no results. Is there somewhere on the TE main board that i can look at? it doesnt look like theres anything on the turbo panel thats broken, so im running out of ideas.