Madcatz TE Repair Help


Hello there. I was hoping I might be able to find some advice on here about repairing my TE Stick. A few months ago the joystick seemed to have stopped sending input in the middle of a match. I was sad, so very sad. In any case I ordered a replacement joystick part and upon hooking it into the TE it was only able to register the downwards direction. Hoping I didn’t receive a faulty part I put the old joystick in and it did the same thing. Obviously not a problem with the joystick though I am pretty new when it comes to electronics repairs and I’m not sure what possibilities to check or how check for them. Any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated for I cannot drop the cash for a completely new stick. Thanks much!


Which TE is it? The first ones had some pcb issues, you may end up having to replace that. Which system are you playing on?


I’ve got the SF4 Round 2 for PS3


If only the Down direction works, it’s usually a case where you plugged in the wire harness upside-down.


Oh wow, that was totally it and now my face will remain firmly planted in my palm for the day. I would do something like that. Glad nothing else needs to be bought though. Thank you for help fellows, you are godlike. Time to hit training mode.