Madcatz TE repair thread

Couldnt find a thread just about troubleshooting the TE so decided to create one. so here goes my problem, hope you guys can help.
I was modding a TE and and when I removed the top metal plate the nuts holding the allen scews fell and now I have no idea how to fix without hot gluing them back in. Also only 2 screws hold on tight, the ones on the left side so I need help repairing the remaining 4. Any help, thanks?

The screws of the TE are made of a very soft, cheap and low quality metal.

I don’t think there are many ways to “repair” a screw, or at least, none that would cost less than buying 6 nice stainless steel screws, that won’t strip, break and might also have a very common cross or philips (star) hole, both of which are ten times more common that allen-style holes (at least in Europe).

As far as i can gather by reading this forum, a lot of people change the custom screws, as soon as I get my plexi I’ll do the same (even if I didn’t care for the bad quality of the screws, stainless steel = shiny!).

btw: this can be easily found by searching the forum.

so should i just buy cross screws and glue them in place where the other nuts fell off? that might be the easiest solution and also make it easy to repair without having to hunt down an allen driver, thank you sir.

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i tried to open it from the back…that is not like opening up a SE, no clue how to do it.