Madcatz TE round 1 Joystick issue


I’ve had my 360 TE stick since they first came out and were in demand, so it has been a while. I’ve noticed that recently my db, ub, uf, df have been acting up. Sometimes when trying to dump forward, i’ll just jump straight up. Sometimes when blocking down I would get hit, most likely because it’s recognizing it as down only. This is random, when I test this on the computer or training mode with inputs I do not see this problem. I only see the problem in real game situations. Any input as to what can possibly be wrong would be appreciated. Thanks!


the joystick switch is probably set to LS when it should be DP




Nope it’s on dp. I read about the rs/ls issues in the other threads.


if its not the switch and you have had it for some time and use it pretty often you might just need to switch out the micro’s on the JLF. look inside and see if theres any connection issues (doubt it but you never know). if none I would try just to switch out the board in JLF… its easy enough
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yeah, I think that might be my problem. It’s been used for a good 2yrs or however long ssf4 came out.