Madcatz TE Round1 Stick USB Compatibility Issues


I’m having trouble finding a solution for making this stick work on my newer PC.
The stick shows up on my devices as pc usb wired stick 8838 and doesn’t register any inputs on the stick.
From what I understand about the problem is that the stick works only with 1.1 USB, UHCI and requires a VIA chipset?

Originally I had a PCI card with a VIA VT6212L chip in it that supports it but since my new motherboard only has PCIe slots it isn’t useful.
I’m having trouble finding the equivalent for PCIe, I’ve seen some PCIe cards that have VLI chipset which is developed by VIA labs on them but they haven’t worked for me.

I’ve looked up on xHCI for USB 3.0 and it supports different SPEED devices which allows it to work with OHCI,UCHI, USB 1.0/2.0 etc… What I’m not sure about is if that has anything to do with the actual chipset problem the Madcatz sticks have.

What I’m wondering is if there’s a hardware solution or are my only remaining options buying a new PCB board that is compatible or buying a new stick in general.

Madcatz TE/SE PS3 pc incompatibility is not a hardware issue. They work on Linux
Ready to PC game, the deal breaker

Theres already a thread for this.