Madcatz TE S and PS-14-KN 30

I was wondering if the buttons posted in the topic subject will work with this stick? I have some extra ones and would like to use them if they just pop in without having to grind anything. These are the screw in versions. Will they all fit with the back nut that holds them?

Seimitsu 30mm KN Screw-In Buttons

These are them.

30mm works with TE.

I think the two buttons near the stick mounting plate will have to put the nut in first and screw the buttons in.

I’m actually using those buttons in a TE mod build right now, and yes, they do work perfectly well in the TE. Just follow Bapex’s suggestion and you’re all set.

Thanks for the replys guys. It all sounds good. I was hoping it would not be like my old EX Hori
that I had to grind down the small nibs that helped hold the buttons.

does those works on Mad Catz SE also?

30mm buttons, yes they will.