Madcatz TE-S Chun Li Start Button doesn't work anymore

Hello guys!
Yesterday I noticed that the Start Button on my TE stick is not recognized, either by the ps3 or computer, but it doesn’t appear to be broken… Maybe something on the inside is? What should I do? My FightStick is more or less one year old…
Thank you!

Check if your lock/unlock switch is on.

After that, you can open it, and check if 1 of the quick disconnects came off. Both on the button, and the other end.

Try switching the button with another one on the stick that isn’t used. For testing, to see if it’s the button, or the wire.

If all of the above don’t work, it might be a fault in the PCB.

You might check the button whether physical broken exist or not.

First and foremost, make sure your lockswitch is in the unlocked position.

If it isn’t working and it’s unlocked, you can open it up, and take the two metal quick disconnects connected to the start button, peel back the vinyl insulation, and touch the quick disconnects together. If the button works then, then you might have a problem connecting to the button, or the button might be broken. You can replace with any 24mm Sanwa or Seimitsu button.

If that’s not the problem, then report back. However, if you’re afraid of opening it up and risking your warranty, you could always try calling madcatz for customer support. But just make sure your lockswitch is unlocked first.

Check the Lock/Unlock first.

It’s unlocked as usual, I’m going to open it up and do what you told me.
I’ll report back.
Thank you !

One of the 2 wires connecting the start button was disconnected, it was really simple.
Thank you so much for your help!
My best regards