Madcatz TE S fighstick modding help


Hey guys, pretty new here… I recently bought a TE S fightstick and picked up a sanwa octagonal restrictor plate from lizardlick at the same time, and it just arrived the other day.

The problem is that 3 of the 4 big screws on the back plate holding the feet in place refuse to come out. The 5 smaller ones were no problem… but these are just onery as hell. I’m reluctant to try using an impact driver, since the bit only moves if you hit it like you’re trying to smash the thing to bits. Any suggestions are welcome


I’m not sure the feet even have to come out.

There should be 6 smaller screws that you take out. 1 is covered in a white warranty sticker.


You don’t need to mess with those. Try shaking the TE and the bottom plate should pop out.


Shit really? I saw a vid on modding the SE version and they took the feet out, so I figured it was the same on the TE. Gonna give that a shot


OH I didn’t see the “1 is covered in a white warranty sticker.” part… never would have guessed


What are you doing that would require taking off the bottom plate?
Because access to the insides is by taking off the top plate.


Just open it up through the top, so much easier.


Putting in a new restrictor plate. I already got the bottom off, and it’s obvious that I can replace it that way

edit:Got it in, thanks for the help everyone


The feet are attached and bolted by a hexnut to the bottom base plate only. Removing them (even if you succeed - which is not likely without destroying the stick) in no way shape or form will remove the bottom cover. You must remove the six (6) smaller screws and only those screws.

As far as modding the TE:S, you can switch out the restrictor plate, change the ball/bat top and switch out the JLF stick’s spring all through the bottom without having to disturb the top portion of your stick and the worry over messing up your nice plexi. However, if you plan on adding any sort of board add-on or switching out/replacing a button, then you MUST go through the top by removing the six (6) star-bit screws. Even after removing those screws, you will notice that the plexi is still held firmly in place. Not to worry… it is only a double-sided adhesive tape that is securing it in place. By gently lifting around the edges all the way around, you should be able remove the top cover without too much difficulty.


Uhh… why are you opening it from the bottom?

Just open it from the top, you’ll have access to everything from there, there is nothing on the TE/TE “S” that you need to go through the bottom for.


I’m worried about my Plexi.

Just ordered the TE-S without knowing before that there is a potential to ruining the Plexi and artwork by opening it on top. I want to modify my TE-S with an LS-40. I don’t have my stick yet its on its way here but I’d like to know if I can switch out JLF on the bottom with an LS-40 without removing the top?

If its not possible then is there a way to safely do so without ruining the TE-S Plexi?


There’s no way you’ll ruin the plexi or artwork by opening it from the top. The buttons will hold it all in place when the bolts are out. Removing the stick is also extremley easy. Just unscrew the 4 screws holding it to the metal base, disconnect the 5 pin wiring, and take it out. Dont forget to get a flat head screw driver and on the bottom of the stick, put it in and twist the balltop off.



So putting it all back in one piece should be fine? I was worried there might be signs of damage when opening the top due to the adhesive. Everyone wants their sticks to look sexy going in and coming out of a mod :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding.


That adhesive is just double sided tape. you can remove the ruined tape and just replace. its easy enough. just make sure you clean the old tape off well so it wont cause lifts when you re-apply the top plastic.


Appreciate the clarification BlindWithOneArm :slight_smile: