Madcatz TE "S" image and buttons customization


Hi, I’m making some mods to my arcade stick and I have in mind use clear translucent buttons, cut the image and put it in the buttons, Which brand has the best translucent buttons for this work? any recommendation?

Something like this


Sanwa or seimitsu and you can find them at focus attack or paradise arcade shop.


I know, but in case of translucent buttons which one is better, the ones in the picture above are Seimitsu right?


There is no “better.” Sanwa and Seimitsus both have different feel and feedback, and there are fanatical cults devoted to each. If you just want what’s currently considered as the standard for modern FGC, just roll with Sanwas.


I begrudgingly agree with this. Yes Sanwas are the standard as it what comes stock on most sticks and Japanese Arcade cabs.
I really prefer Seimitsu parts, especially the buttons.


I’m whatever on the buttons. I think they’re both high-quality parts that just feel different and will cater to personal tastes. As expensive as they are, I really do like the Sanwa RG microswitches. I find that the case they’re put in makes a WORLD of difference in how it feels, which was something I was surprised to find. The Sanwas on my Qanba case feel much more sturdy and less “hollow” than on a 1st gen TE.

I’m more distressed that the Sanwa JLF has become the standard. It can’t hold a candle to a JLW or an LS-32, but it is what it is. I suppose a giant dead zone doesn’t matter in a game like SF4, where sloppy inputs are happily accepted.