Madcatz te-s not recognized in ssfiv ae for pc


ok i know this is a common problem and i did my best but could not find a definitive answer. i have an x360 te-s modded with a chimp/ps3 card. my computer recognizes it and it works fine, shows up in devices, tests fine and i use it on ggpo all the time. ssfiv ae however does not see it and i can not find any way to get it to register for only this game. is this just a problem they are supposed to patch? in another thread i saw some recommendations about different usb bays but there were a lot of different ones and i don’t see how that’s my problem if i can use it with ggpo. running windows 7 x64.


I believe this was an old problem that was patched out a long time ago.


If you are referring to the UCHI issue, that was only for older PS3 TE arcade sticks (as in Mad Catz made the stick for the PS3)

You have a Xbox 360 TE with a Chimp Dual Mod.
Both boards should work fully with any PC hardware. If it shows up in devices and tests that it works that it most likely is not the boards.
Test this out in a different game just to eliminate the chances of it being a hardware or wiring issue.


yeah there is nothing wrong with the stick, it shows up in devices and registers inputs and like i said i play on ggpo with it. the issue is only in ssfiv ae. i don’t think my game is updated to the 2012 version (doesn’t it change the logo in the menus?) but i can’t find a standalone patch for it since GFWL doesn’t want to update it any further i guess. man what a hassle.


ok got it working. i just followed toodles’ advice from this thread: The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor! to hold down select while plugging in. i had actually done this before but i guess i didn’t hold it down long enough, this time i held it the entire time from plugging in to getting to the sfiv menu. it still doesn’t see the controller until i login to gfwl so i have to skip the intros with the keyboard but at least i can play with my damn stick now. hope this helps anyone who picked up the pc version super late like myself.


Hey I randomly saw this off google and was wondering if there were any other solutions? It works on games like skullgirls on the pc for my MCZ TE Chimp Ps3/PC but not for SSF4


For Street Fighter IV on the PC, you have to plug in the stick to your PC before you start up your game, not afterwards.
Or the game will refuse to acknowledge your Stick.