Madcatz TE.S stick (xbox 360) blinking after usb cable replacement


OK, so like a lot of us TE stick owners, you’ll notice that over time the usb cable will start to wear/break at the cable compartment. I figured I would remedy that by making a new usb cable and make use of the aviation connectors I have. The cable I’ve created came out just the way I wanted and I made sure to make it just like the previous cable meaning that the connector itself is grounded as well.

The problem I now have is this, after plugging everything back in, the sticks xbox logo blinks constantly. From my eyes it appears that everything is just as it was before I replaced the cable. I’m hoping if I get more eyes on this I can finally put this small project to bed.

There is one thing nagging at me though, and that’s the main pcb. In the pic you’ll notice a “SGND” and a “GND” (the two black wires). I tested this whole board for continuity to make sure that it only existed where it should, but those two connections have continuity between them. I want to make sure that this is how it’s supposed to be.

Either the pcb is bad somewhere or I’ve missed something really small and stupid. Any of you modders out there please have a look n comment/question anything you see here. I can provide several more pics if need be. All forms of help is greatly appreciated.

  1. The SGND line can be ignored; you don’t really need the shielded ground line. Just using the regular GND line is sufficient.

  2. If the LEDs are blinging, but the stick isn’t working, it sounds like the PCB is getting power just fine (the Red and Black lines are correctly connected), but the data lines are probably swapped (the Green D+ and White D- lines) somewhere along the way. It’s impossible to tell from your pics, though.


i must say, those are the two wires that i havent switched yet. ill try that out as soon as i get home. it definitely makes sense though.


so i tried switching the two wires you mentioned earlier. the result was the same. it just keeps blinking. what are the chances of the pcb being bad? im not sure what else i should be looking for. everything else works as it should.


So it was functioning properly otherwise? I’d just ignore the lights if so.


So the rest of the stick (joystick, buttons) all work, but the lights just keep blinking?

Plug it into a PC, go to the “Devices and Printers” section, and see if the PC recognizes it.


lights blinking means pc isn’t recognizing it

cable too long? not good enough quality wiring?