Madcatz TE Sanwa buttons vs loose stock Sanwa buttons

Is there any reason why the Sanwa buttons on the TE stick feel different from the loose stock Sanwa buttons I bought and the buttons on my HRAP2SA? They feel way mushier and less “snappy” in comparison.

There can be some variances in different batches of switches, which can cause the buttons to feel different. See if the buttons feel the same when you swap the switches between the sets.

It could also be the TE enclosure vs. HRAP enclosure. The same set of buttons in all my different sticks reverberate and vibrate differently, which makes me swear they “feel” different. It is most noticeable to me in a top-mounted solid wood case vs. something hollow and echoey like an HRAP. The TE case has a support platform running through middle of the stick, which reduces the vibration and echo, so the buttons feel and sound different.

I also heard that from some people that claim there is a difference, dunno if there is any truth in that but im going to order sanwa buttons so i can find it out.

I swapped the buttons around between my sticks. Tried both the white and colored buttons in both the TE and my HRAPs, and the white ones definitely seem mushier. Not sure why that is.

If your TE Sanwa buttons are older than the loose buttons you’ve purchased, you might want to try giving them a bath. All the (natural) oil (not saying you’re dirty) in your fingers will accumulate in the buttons and make them feel mushy.

Disassemble the button by pushing in the tabs to pull off the plunger part. Then push in the tabs to remove the switch. Put all of the plastic parts in a nice warm dish liquid bath and swirl them around. Dry off those parts. If you feel like it, take some 91% rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab and give the switches a good cleaning as well.

If that doesn’t help, I can concur with the other posters that the case makes a difference. I noticed a huge difference going from a TE w/ stock top plate to the much thicker top plate + Art’s Hobbies Plexiglas combo. Having that much mass around the button made it feel more dead and less springy. Definitely less clicky.