Madcatz TE shells. Round 2 or Round 1


These PS3 TE shells were** brand new in the box**, but I extracted everything. There is a one Round 2 (all black). There is NO turbo panel, PCB, wiring, buttons or joystick. $60 picked up or $70 shipped EACH case in the connecting 48 or I will allow local pickup if you’re close enough to Anaheim.

I don’t think I need to post pictures, but let me know if you have any questions.


Are they both together? Or is thay for one…and if they are would u sell them seperately? Just curious…


Sorry, I should have specified. $70 shipped each or PM for a pick up price.


Listed a pick up price. Brand newwwww


James, I am wondering, can I mod this with a PDP Marvel Fight Pad? I am looking for a secondary stick and I am just looking what I can put in. Let me know.


@Crimson theres a thread in tech talk where someone padhacked a PDP pcb for a stick, its not recommended though.


Nevermind. Got my eye on something else.


Hey Crimson, you should be able to install the single PDP Marvel fight pad, yes. Only if you do a dual mod, you might have issues with the PDP pulling certain lower voltages, but the PDP is common ground and should work perfectly fine.


i want the r1 te. btw does it come with the nice box?


Yes, it’ll come with the nice box!


Round 1 sold. Still have a Round 2


How much for the round 2? Nvm just read.


Can I get the Round 2 Panel?


That’s a lot for just the shell :confused: a full stick doesn’t cost much more


$70 with shipping is not bad cuz its pretty heavy… and shipping is at least 15-20 easily…


etalage, sorry no more Round 2 Panel.
Kid Kaos, most of the time, people don’t want all the extra parts. If you’re going to mod it anyway, most of the stock parts color are usually the first to change.
dailomac, definitely. And I usually ship it in the original box with an extra box around it. Overkill, but just one way to ensure a happy buyer


I’ll take the round 2 shell if you haven’t sold it yet.