Madcatz TE stick + bat top adapter + spring to make it stiffer = original happ / IL?


I never have been able to adjust to playing in asian sticks, and thats the main reason why I stopped going to arcades ( before most of them used competition or p360s … not anymore ). I thought that the madcatz TE sticks “could” be different so I ordered one and got mine yesterday. Too loose still and I keep jumping forward or back ward when I dont want to. Neutral jumping is a challenge for me with that stick. I bought a bat top adapter and the feel improved a lil bit, but not when I had to react fast and pull dp motions really fast. Ive been told that in order to get that “american stick” feel I should also buy a spring to make the stick stiffer. Now Im thinking: Im trying to hard to make the TE sanwa stick to feel like a happ/IL one, so … should I do some extra mods on the TE to achieve this … or should I just play in a regular MAS stick with an IL stick in it? The latter is the one I always have used and the one I currently have. The reason why I bought the TE was because the crappy happ stick doesnt work properly anymore, and thats because its not the original happ made by IL.


LS-32 spring with the stock spring helps a lot when it comes to feel. as for the square gate the only suggestion I have is to ask Toodles if he still has any GT-C round gates left from his prototypes… other than that you have to wait for that round gate to come out (he says soon). there are also people that sell drilled out gates to make them round in the trade forum.

I use a bat top as well with the round gate and extra spring. feels pretty close to US arcade sticks.


Not only would you need a bat top, round gate, and stiffer spring, but you’d also would have to get a square-shaped actuator and Cherry microswitches.

IMO it would be a better idea to just go back to using your MAS stick and replace the joystick with an IL Eurojoystick from


It seems like. =/


One combo that people have been suggesting is:

MS Mounting Plate ( To replace default mounting plate to fit in TE)
LS-56 Octagon Gate
Sanwa LB-30 N Bat Top
Sanwa Bat top Adaptor.

It won’t feel exactly like a iL Eurostick, but it is a closer approximation that you might be able to adjust to.


This man speaks the truth^^^^
I wonder if anyone has tried making a round gate out of an LS-56 octogate? The throw would still be small…I know I’d have an easier time with charge characters.


This is a solid setup. My execution is better on a LS56+octo than it is on an iL stick. I’d also suggest trying an LS55 spring+modded circle gate on your JLF.


I have an SE with LS-56, octo gate and an even stiffer spring from Home Depot. This thing isn’t moving unless you are VERY deliberate. Your inputs are PERFECT, until you cramp up an hour later. LOL. No pain, no gain.

I have a TE that I am setting up the same as my SE, I will be sanding the octo gate round on it.