Madcatz te stick mic port (X360)

Hey i’m having a bit of trouble with the microphone port on the te stick for xbox 360 , see heres what happened :

the microphone adapter that goes into the stick and then you plug your head set into that has got jammed in the stick and snapped.
so currently the end of the adapter is stuck in the port so i cant use my microphone :’(
i was just wondering how i would go at getting it out ? , would i need to take it apart fully (i’ve unscrewed the top but can’t get to the microphone port (damn fat fingers)

extra info

  • the pads has had new buttons buttons put in and the octagonal restrictor put on the stick
  • the headset im using is turtle beach x1

any advice?


Is it something a powerful magnet could grab and pull out of the hole for you? Or a small amount of glue on the end of a pencil or something?

I had this problem ages ago with my mp3 player. I used a small stick of some sort and put some hot glue on the tip of it and shoved it in the hole. Let it cool and yank it out, just make sure that you don’t yank out the stick.

If you can’t fix resolve the issue you can just buy a wireless mic. They’re a lot more comfortable to wear IMO.