Madcatz TE Stick not being detected


Ive had my TE for about six months now and its worked with no problems but when I turned on the PS3 today the console failed to detect the stick, tried all four usb ports, same problem. Connected it to the PC and it detects that somethings connected but says theres a problem with it. Anyone else had these kind of issues? As Ive swapped out the balltop I believe the warranty is fucked?


Sounds like a bad PCB board or internal wiring issue.

And no, just swapping out the balltop won’t void the warranty. These sticks were made to be modded! Hardly anybody keeps their stick in stock condition. Besides handle swaps, people put in extra springs, switch out with LS-32-01’s, and change the buttons and artwork all the time.

Recheck all wiring to see if anything’s loose on the inside. If that’s not the case, try and get in contact with Mad Catz to see if something can be worked out and they can send you a new PCB board.

This has happened a few times and people have had to pay a bit to get the new boards. Usually it’s $10 from what I’ve read.

If that fails, I think a Cthulu board may be your only other option. (Try Mad Catz first, though.) You’ll probably be able to reuse your old wiring with that board, too, but may lose the turbo functions. Not sure what would happen to the Home Button and if that can be kept functional, too.


Thanks for the suggestions. Already contacted Madcatz, though based on previous experience I imagine I may be waiting a while for a response. If I do get a new pcb will I have to solder it in? If so I might just go ahead and order a cthulhu board.


I had the same problem. I just opened it up and fiddled with the connections and everything’s working fine now. Try that.


Yup, you’re going to have to resolder the USB cable if MadCatz sends you a new PCB. Everything else is connected with ribbon cables.


That’s a bummer too, the SE came with the ribbon cables in a wiring harness to the PCB but the TE didn’t.


Well I opened er up and it appears it was an issue with the usb contacts to the pcb. Pressed them down and threw a bit of tape on them, seems to have done the job for the moment.


Should have known that wouldnt do it. It appears the usb is fucked where its soldered to the pcb. Also in my frustration I managed to snap the R1 solder point on the pcb. Ah well, Ia Ia Cthulhu it would seem.

Though as an aside the innards of my stick differ from the SRK video thats up on youtube. I lack the seperate pcb having only the barrier strip for the buttons and everything else is soldered onto the pcb under the turbo area (including the ends of the button ribbon cables which seems to defeat the purpose somewhat).