Madcatz TE stick not working

So yesterday i posted about my computer not being able to use the Ps3 TE, well today i brought it over my friends house and his Ps3 wont even detect it. His computer detects it but it wont work " again " but his ps3 doesnt even notice its connected. Do the lights near turbo turn on ?
Is my stick DOA ??? =\

try using a different breakaway cord (maybe from guitar hero if you have it). It’s the cord that extends it at the very end where you plug it in

ps3 uses break away cords?

I don’t think PS3 have the breakaway cord.

oh T_T, then i’d check if the PCB is dead using that charge box

k … so…

Blind leading the blind!

Warranty that piece.

well i bought the stick off amazon market plac for 188 dollars, since its from a 3rd party source can i warranty it ? Do i need a proof of purchase ? I didnt modify the thing. I just plugged it into a computer and then tried to plug it into a Ps3.

Its advertised to work for both…it didn’t work for either…

you could notify whoever you bought it from and see if they can get you purchase info… although i dont even think the first batch is out of warranty yet, so if it hasnt been opened, i wouldnt think madcatz could give you too much crap about it.

Well if i pay premium for a mad catz product and it still breaks do i even want to try and get it repaired ? Maybe i should get a refund and grab a HRAP 3 ?

I mean, i opened the box - i plugged it into a PC - i plugged it into a Ps3 - when i went back to plug it into the PC it wont detect it now… so it broke from plugging it in.

Madcatz makes a product for 150 dollars that breaks if you plug it in …

Ok so the conclusion i’ve drawn is Mad Catz has created the ultimate business model. Instead of ripping people off for products that break after light use… they make products that are insanely expensive and break immediately. cool.

Btw i had a fight pad and it broke after an hour of use too.

uuuhhhh…yeah hrap 3.

has anyone gotten in contact with madcatz in regards to having them repair sticks ? If the wait time is anything more then 2 weeks im just going to request a refund and buy a hrap 3 but I don’t know…

I wish mad catz shit wasn’t made of beach sand and used bandaids >=| .

I heard it takes a few days to get your shipping sticker from them, then another 2-3 weeks after that

confirmed…just got off the phone with MC now.

You can’t get a refund from Madcatz – you’re going to have to get it from where you originally bought it. The SE I got from Newegg was defective so I sent it back to them as opposed to Madcatz.

I requested a shipping slip for my TE last Thursday and I have yet to have it show up in my inbox.