MadCatz TE stick problem

i’m having a problem with my MadCatz SSFIV TE stick, and i’m hoping somebody here can help me.

you know how sometimes you get some static electricity buildup on you from your clothes or whatever? and when you touch certain things you get that little shock? well, i was using my stick the other day, and i shocked my stick with static. it was around the area where the turbo controls and PS3 dashboard buttons are. when it happened, my stick stopped working correctly. whenever i plug it in now and try to use the joystick, all it does is scroll down at a fast pace. for example, i just plugged it in while i was on my friends list. without even touching the stick, it goes FLYING down my friends list. if i try to move it an any direction, i get nothing.

that’s the only problem with it, though. the buttons all work fine, the turbo and PS3 dashboard buttons work, etc. but the stick is useless, and it will only scroll down by itself when i plug it in. it’s like that little static shock short circuited something inside. i actually opened up the stick earlier and unplugged the wire connected to the joystick and plugged it back in. didn’t help anything.

so, does anyone have an idea what the problem might be and how i can fix it? i can’t afford to by a new stick right now, so i’m hoping it’s something that can be fixed.


I can be wrong, so dont take my word exactly…But…

If everything works fine except the the joy stick itself, try unplugging it from the PCB and plugging the USB cable into the PS3. If it works 100% fine without the joy stick attached, you probably just need a new JLF.

I’ve seen this happen before a while ago, except if I remember the buttons got fried.

first look at your turbo panle and check to make sure your stick is on DP. after that if it still doesnt work call Madcatz customer service. this static shock issues popped up about two months ago and now I’m seeing it atleast once a week. wierd…

what kind of stick does the MadCatz TE use?

i’m looking at Sanwa ones to possibly replace mine, and they all have names like JLF-TP-8Y-SK-DB. idk what that means, i’m a fight stick noob.

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK-XX is what is used by all TEs

JLF is the series name. They’re all more or less exactly the same.

TP means with PCB. This means it works with the 5-pin connector. TM would mean without PCB, meaning you must connect directly to the microswitches. You must have TP to work with the 5-pin connector.

8 is a standard on all models. It is followed by T or S. T means flat mounting plate. S means “S” type mounting plate. Y may or may not appear. Y simply means that the PCB is rotated 90 degrees. It needs to be rotated to fit, but you can rotate it yourself.

SK means shaft cover included. If it does not have SK, then it means that there isn’t a shaft cover included. It is not necessary. Get it if you want the black look, or without if you prefer the metal look.

XX refers to the balltop color, if it is included. This changes from TE to TE. Generally, you can tell. DB stands for Dark Blue. B is for Blue. G is for green, K is for black, etc.

thanks for all the help, guys. i’m ordering a new joystick as i type this. hopefully when i get it switched it will fix my problem.

Did you check to make sure your switch was set to DP and not RS?

I’m going to make you a T-shirt that says that…

update time…

i got the new joystick in the mail today and just replaced it. no luck. the problem is still exactly the same: i plug the stick in and it immediately starts scrolling down at an insane pace.

any other ideas as to what it might be or what i can do to fix it? and yes, i have my stick set to DP.

then its not the stick…