madcatz TE stick problem

hey my te sticks MP button starts to get stuck after when i press it like 6-7 times in a row and if i keep going and press hard enough it sometimes registers as HP but when i stop pressing it, it goes back to normal. can anyone help me out here on what should i do? i have a feeling its because i was cleaning my stick with disinfecting wipes >.< plz help and thnx in advance

Whoa, I’ve never heard of it registering as HP, but I can try to fix your button troubles. If it’s getting sticky, you could always take the button out, pop the button cap off, and try and clean it. Or, it could be the button just running its course, and you can replace it for only a few bucks. Pushbuttons

Replace with Sanwa or Seimitsu 30mm buttons (Stock buttons are Sanwa OBSF-30, they come in all colors, so you can swap buttons out for a color you like more). They are extremely easy to replace. You only need a small screwdriver (and an allen wrench to open up the top panel) to replace it.

ok so your saying i should take out the button and try to clean it? and what do u mean by the button cap? thanks in advance

It’s worth a try to clean if you’re saying it gets stuck.

The button cap is the one to the right, it is what goes on top of the base, on the left.

Here’s how to get it off:

First, unplug the wires on the lugs of the button, then to remove the button, find the two tabs holding it in:

That is where my fingers are.

Push them in with a small screwdriver up and out of your panel.

Okay, button removed. Now find these smaller tabs:

Push small screwdriver up and in to get cap out:

Comes right off.

Then clean it out.

Now, to replace, line up button cap like so (I changed the color, I know)

Then push it back in.

Then push the button back into the panel and reconnect the wires.

nice tutorial!

Thank you, jamesepoop. But it’s not as good as your TE with PS360 one. XP.

everybit as good. that reminds me the i hve to snap some more pics.

dr.pepper make sure your wires aren’t snagged or crimped anywhere. that may cause a short

thanks so much for the help and tutorial, i appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue: although it seems that my button is back to normal now, i guess i had to let it dry and settle in i guess