Madcatz TE stick problems?

My hands are tied. I wanted a HRAP3 so badly but cannot get a hold of one without paying tremendous amounts of money. so i am forced to turn to madcatz. I have two questions:

Does the TE suffer from the issues like the SE?

IF I buy an SE and it messes up, generally, will the problem be rectified if I replace the stick and buttons with new parts?

There’s a cheap HRAP3 for you. If you want a bit longer, amazon is listing the SA at only $120, not a bad price.

Nah, the TE is a completely different build than SE, much heavier and bulkier. Different parts altogether aswell, no stock MC stick and buttons in the TE stick. Mine is the feb’09 batch, it hasnt failed on me yet, and I’ve played ALOT with it.

I live in canada, doesnt ship the stick here. All the places that do sell it here have it at retarded prices.

The Capcom US store sold TE sticks for $150 a while ago. Maybe they still have some?
They shipped my little bro’s stick to Norway within 2 days.

i had mine since it came out i played sfIV on it but it wasnt put to the fullest potiential til i played mvc2 the stick itself feels like it will last and take a beating. i played on my friends se and to me it feels cheap and ill break alot.i havent had problems yet