Madcatz TE stick PS3 issue

Hey, I’ve had my stick for about 1 year and everything seemed to work fine. A few days ago, the stick fell on the ground ( about 30 cm) and since then it stopped working. Each time I press a button, the led on the turbo lights up but other then that, the ps3 doesnt recognize the buttons not even the joystick. I tried connecting the stick on my laptop and it would say “detected unknown USB”

note: Before the incident, I had troubles doing a hadoken on my stick, sometimes it would do a shoryuken instead. But I would do fine on my friend’s TE.

Thank you for your help !

Just buy a new one.

Your stick can be repaired, usually for less than the cost of a new stick. If you do it yourself, it can be done very cheaply. Don’t throw it out.

First, have you opened the TE stick and checked if all the connectors are seated properly or if there is physical damage to the board?

The trading post has TE or SE PCB for sale from time to time. Or get a replacement/upgrade PCB (Chimp, Project Leo, PS360, etc).

If you don’t want to do it yourself, get one of the amazing modders here to do do the mod for you. is the stickied thread. (So far I’ve only done business with Gummowned and trust him completely)

If you give up on the stick, sell the stick as parts or as a broken whole on the trading post. There are a lot of guys here who could make something of it.

I opened the Te stick and everythign is just fine and for the modding thing like you sayd theres no one at Montreal Quebec :confused:

I agree with calm, minus one point. I checked zufir’s profile, he will not be able to sell the stick on the trading forum for 6 month and 50 post (please do not spam to get 50 post). Nothing against you Zufir, its just SRK’s rules not mine. Hopefully Zufir can ether repair the stick him self, get another person to do it for him or someone who views this thread wants to buy from him is hold TE.

its okay Darksakul, I didnt plan on selling it just wanted to repair it

Don’t buy a new stick zufir. Give madcatz a call. My PS3 TE had problems exactly like you described. I gave them a call and they sent me a replacement PCB along with the whole USB cable & compartment. It’s super easy to fix it yourself. Just make sure you have the right screw drivers and some patience. Completely solderless, too.

Well I’ve had the stick for about a year now, Im not sure if my warranty has expired or not. ):

Thanks for pointing that out, DarkSakul. I didn’t realize you didn’t have enough posts, zufir. You can’t sell on the trading post yet, but you can buy if you see a TE PCB.

I’d still call MadCatz first and see if they can help you figure out if they can help you. Sometimes manufacture or batch number is printed on the board, or they might help you as a courtesy. It is worth a shot, and doesn’t cost a thing.

If that is out, I’m assuming the reason you want a modder is that you don’t want to solder? There are a few alternative PCBs with screw terminals. (Toodles’ brilliant Chimp and Cthulu boards are rock solid and very reasonably priced. If you have friends with an xbox, AkiShop’s PS360 will make your stick compatible with both xbox and ps3. Gummowned’s Project Leo is my personal favorite.) You should be able to do any of these on your own with just a screwdriver and something to mount the board inside the case.

I just PM’ed you.

if i buy a new pcb board is it gonna fix it?


There aren’t many pieces inside. By process of elimination, there is nothing else that could cause that.

Are you trying to get a stock PCB, or will you try one of the alternates?

Keep in mind that if you try one of the custom PCBs, unless they come with the USB compartment & cable you will have to do some soldering.

but doesnt the AkiShop’s PS360 one dont need solding?

From my limited understanding of things (which could very well be wrong), most solderless solutions only apply to the 360 Madcatz TE because the USB cable is not soldered onto the pcb. In the PS3 TE the USB cable is directly soldered to the PCB so if you get a custom PCB, you will need to do the following at the very least:

  1. cut the USB from stock PCB

  2. solder it back onto the custom PCB

Hence why I suggested you to give madcatz a call. Having a full replacement stock PCB + cable will net you way less headache in terms of installation.

You need the solder for the stock Home/Turbo panel.
Check this post (with photos) for details on installing the PS360 in a TE :

Akishop PS360 Tri Mod Joystick PCB (3rd Wave) but it said u dont need to solde and theres video on youtube that show you dont need to solde or maybe im wrong

Refer to my post man. It’s only solderless for the 360 version of TE. If you don’t believe me open your TE up and take a look at how the USB is connected to the PCB. It’s soldered onto it. You HAVE to desolder then solder it back on. No other way around it unless the custom PCB comes with its own USB cable.

Also take a look at the link calm provided. It has a tutorial on how to install PS360 on the PS3 version of TE. Again, soldering is required.

sigh this seem so much a pain i guess ill give it a call and see what they can do to help me

Hey Zufir, was MadCatz able to help you?