Madcatz TE Stick: Rubber Feet Removal?

I find the rubber feet on the bottom panel of the TE uncomfortable when on my lap. Do you guys keep it on when you play? Or are you all just tabletop players?

I searched to see if there were any problems with removing it, and found one thread but it was left unanswered. Found more threads with people looking to replace the rubber feet.

Is there anything I need to worry about with removing them? Can it be reinstalled back on just as easy if I wish to use the rubber feet for table use?

The rubber feet are easy to take off. Just unscrew the screws which hold them in, take them off, and replace the screws, and store them somewhere safely, since they tend to go missing a bunch.

My main concern would be that without the feet, it could potentially scratch up a table or become loose on tabletop, but you don’t have to worry about that, since you like playing on lap.

I never minded the feet.

I just naturally rest the outer edges of the stick on my lap so the feet aren’t on top of my legs.
No big deal to take the feet off; they’re just held on with a bolt and a nut. The only thing I’d caution you about is that you have to take the bottom panel to do it, and the bottom panel is held on by screws threaded directly into the plastic body of the stick. So if you’re taking them in and out a lot you’ll probably strip those threads sooner or later. (Unless you do some extra modding.)