Madcatz TE Stick Top Plate Not Coming Off

I recently purchased a new stick (Madcatz MLG TE) and upon unscrewing all 6 top screws the top plate still would not lift off, and applying excess force feels like it might damage the stick. Is there any known way to get this thing off without damaging anything if it’s stuck?

Well I would just yank it out.

My experiences with TEs and the fact when one knows what is inside a TE behind the panel, you don’t really have a lot to damage. If you yank it out too hard you might just end up disconnecting the button plugs which you can plug back on.

Otherwise, use a hair dryer or some other types of heat. Madcatz could have added some adhesion glue to the panel (Though commonly they don’t…)

The TE bezel has glue going around its perimeter, a glue similar to POST-IT glue but a bit stronger.
Do not be afraid to give the joystick a slight jerk as you try lifting your top panel.
Once you have a opening, if you still have trouble use something strong but not metallic to pry up the panel. Handel of a wooden spoon, something strong yet plastic or what ever.

My Chun Li TE-S had glue on it’s bezel.

Come to think of it, I think I had some translucent red adhesion glue on my hex screws.