Madcatz TE Sticks: $89-99 (One Day Sale 8/15/2009)

For those that didn’t catch this on CU, the sticks are $89 in store for those that have a Fry’s Electronics local and $99 ordered online if you do it TODAY :tup:

Edit: Guess there’s another post about this but it said West Coast only…in fact you can order it from anywhere in the US. Mods feel free to delete whichever but it’s too good a deal for people not to see being a one-day thing.

what a steal…I could use a spare :slight_smile: anyone?

wow i wish i had enough money for this =(

you can order online internationally as well right?

International orders are fine though shipping is a bitch. About 80usd shipped to Australia… ouch! Having said that, I snapped one up as it’s much cheaper (all up including postage) than on ebay or other local sources.

annnnnnnd…bought. store pick up ftw.

OP lend me $99

Shipping: Unavailable for Shipping (try in-store pickup)
Notify me when product is available
Store Pickup: Not Available


It’s not available. 1 day only.

Yup, I picked one up as well.
despite being in AU, it’s still cheaper than sourcing it locally.

man you yanks are so lucky.

that works out at 60!!

thats twenty quid cheaper than the SE.

i paid 150 ($248) for my TE

As great of a deal it is, it really is off-topic for the SF4 forums.