Madcatz TE sticks ... are not for everybody ( sanwa sticks ). LONG LIVE HAPP!=D


So I have been using old happ sticks, and perfect 360s since forever ( and since 7 years ago when I started to buy sticks to use in home consoles ). Then my last buy was another MAS stick like this one:

To my surprise the stick started malfunctioning after a year or so of regular use. Then I came here and did my research. I found that the old happ manufacturers where no longer in business, and now the new happ sticks were being made with crappy parts by a factory in china. I asked the guys from MAS systems and they said that they only carry happ parts ( the crappy ones ). Then I decided to UPGRADE my stick by buying the ultra famous madcatz TE sticks. It seems everybody is using one these days, with its original configuration, or by doing any sort of modifications on them. I know by experience that I suck at using asian sticks. They are just too loose for me and I constantly jump forward or backwards when I only tap left or right. Doing dp motions result in a 50% chance of my character jumping forward, so thats the main reason why I stopped going to the arcades. I got a ray of hope when sf4 and ssf4 had online access, and its netcode was godlike at times, so I just play there with my old school mas stick. Now I got an hour ago my round 2 TE stick … and even with the bat top attachment, I just cant play properly. I thought that maybe the bat top will give it a more americanized feel … not really. It helps a lil bit but when you are in a pressured situation and u need to react accordingly, it fails me.
Im going to put the ad on craigslist this week, and hopefully I will get most of my money back. Now I will just order an IL stick from lizard lick and get back that old school feeling of the original happs that most of us grew up using since we were kids.

To each his own I guess.


That avatar…

This post actually made me kind of sad…


On the other hand, making links were a breeze in the TE stick.
Maybe if I change only the buttons to be sanwa … mmmmmmhhhhh.


That avatar…

This post actually made me kind of sad…

However, you won’t be able to get use to a stick on the first go. It takes time to get used to. Go to training mode, do some combos and get a feel for the stick even if it’s practicing jumps. Eventually you won’t even realize you’ve gotten use to it.


U got a point there. Is just that I always have used this setup and I dont want to change it and start from scratch ( not totally from scratch but with a handicap ).
We have 2 kitty avatars so far … third one is the merrier. ^__~


try using a octo gate


Too loose still. I know I can make it stiffer, but then the result will be a happ alike stick. I should just save the money and use an IL.


Needs more LS-32 springs.


My deal is, i went from HAPP to sanwa stick. I had the same problem you did but when i tried out a full HAPP stick like the one you showed above, my hand started cramping. I find the madcatz/traditional jap lay out to be very ergonomic for my hands. Especially the buttons.


Its common when someone is used to using an american style stick. The japanese kind feel loose. What you do is go to some online shop like Akihabara Shop and order a couple LS-32 springs.


I used to think American sticks were hands down the best. Couldn’t use Japanese sticks to save my life. I suffered for about 2-3 weeks till I finally became used to it.
Now if I try and use an American stick I cannot even do simple motions.
Also my execution has increased 100%.
Just keep using it and you too will realize Japanese parts are superior in every way.


I’m going to be completely honest with you buddy. Judging from your statements and the rest of your comment, it doesn’t really seem like you are too familiar with the game using any stick IMO. You played on the stick for a few moments after you got it, decided it wasn’t for you, and was up and done with the thing? That’s a horrible way to determine if something works well.

In fact, after buying my first fight stick, I absolutely hated it because I couldn’t execute combos like I used to on a pad. After weeks, and months, and then year+, I can do some awesome shit (from my standpoint) on a stick that I never knew was possible. You just aren’t used to the feel of it.

But if you don’t like it, its nothing any of us can force you to like. But judging from what you wrote, I don’t think you really gave the stick enough time to prove how durable and great it is, nor do I think you’ve been using fightsticks hardcore for a good enough time to adjust to it. I could be wrong. But I;ve never heard someone say:

That sounds like an execution problem, or maybe you’re just not used to using it. But if it doesn’t feel right, there’s other sticks out there.


I pretty much felt the same way he did when I first got my madcatz stick. The fuckin’ thing was just too loose and I did not like it. So I continued to use my old SF anny stick till I got some stiffer springs for it. Now it feels good. Took me a while to get use to the ball top as well. I would have continued to use my anny stick but its fucking up and im too lazy to order the parts I need for it.


Why would I go backwards and start to get used to play on an asian stick, if Im totally comfortable by playing in an american one?
People that have never used a stick in their life can experiment which way they should hold the controller and get the most out of it, but with old dogs like myself, we already know our motions, shortcuts, and executions with happ sticks. Sanwa, seimitsu, hori are just from another planet. =/


Then why did you make this thread? I thought you wanted help with something


One good reason is that most people use these Madcatz sticks now and if you go somewhere’s to play you might get stuck using one.

Im sure a lot of these people never got the chance to play in arcades in the 80’s and 90’s so all they know is japanese style sticks. Very sad.

I was kinda wondering the same thing Poptags. But then I realized he was just professing his love for American style sticks. =)